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Participants share their thoughts about FISI 2009

Yauhenia Parcheuskaya, Belarus State Economic University, Minsk, Belarus
Oleksandra Pedchenko, Kiev National Linguistic University, Kiev, Ukraine
Dobrin Stanev, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohrisdki”, Sofia, Bulgaria

It was so full and so bright!

Yauhenia Parcheuskaya
Undergraduate Student, Management
Belarus State Economic University, Minsk, Belarus

I am an undergraduate student at the Belarusian State Economic University (BSEU) in Minsk, Belarus. Although I am at an early stage of obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I am looking for a broadening the horizons of my student background. I realized that I wanted to study abroad during my summer holidays because this would certainly be a great chance for me in the future. When looking for the best summer school, FISI seemed to fit all my expectations and requirements: it has great experience in teaching international students, super-high level of teacher's professionalism and Tryavna is a place, where everyone must walk around.

FISI was undoubtedly a unique opportunity to spend two intensive weeks together with smart and interesting students and interact with gifted and captivating people. Studies here were so dynamic. The courses “International Career Planning”, “Negotiation and Conflict Resolution”, “Public Relations”, “How to Launch New Careers during These Difficult Times” that I took surpassed all my hopes. Studies were demanding, but thoroughly enjoyable because we worked in groups and on “real-life” cases which engaged all of the group members and encouraged the exchange of ideas and experiences. I will always remember the energy and interaction during the case discussions, strong team spirit and mutual trust when tasks had to be shared. Creative professors did their best to involve us in an amazing learning process by introducing role games, contests and personal projects in hot August of 2009. The FISI staff was brilliant, always smiling, and always pleasant.

Fulbright International Summer Institute provides the opportunity to improve yourself in different areas of studies, allowing you to further deepen your existing knowledge and to learn the new. I definitely got a better sense on how to balance passion and clarity to consider other people's ideas, how international carriers can be built and which intellectual capabilities and social skills leaders must have. To be honest, I learnt above all - that there are so many different and motivating activities that I could be engaged in!

And certainly impressions: the first emotions during the welcome dinner, a campfire, beautiful Bulgaria, the last sunny afternoon…saying “Äîâèæäàíå”... The friendship that still remains beyond distances...

I really enjoyed my stay in Tryavna: every moment spent there is in my heart and every lesson of FISI is in my mind.

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I became charmed...

Oleksandra Pedchenko
Graduate Student, Modern Greek and English
Kiev National Linguistic University, Kiev, Ukraine

I send you my heartfelt gratitude:

  • For high-professional lecturers
  • For kind, committed administrators
  • For you warm reception and good organization
  • For interesting, gripping excursions
  • For your best to make us spend our time unforgettably well

I was impressed from:

  • Charming Bulgarian nature
  • Delicious Bulgarian cuisine
  • Open-hearted Bulgarian people
  • Rich Bulgarian history and culture

I spent 2 weeks in Tryavna:

  • Studying extremely interesting 6 subjects in which I am not an expert but I understood all because devoted lecturers did their best to create unique atmosphere of mutual understanding, to install special approach to each their student and to make you love the subject even if you previously thought it to be dull and complicated.
  • Living on the magnificent hills filled with wild animals and berries. Fresh air, calm harmony of nature, no fuss of the city, perfect settling conditions, interesting people that make you think about what you have not thought before and cozy beautiful Tryavna with its unique charm .. that is all you need for self-development, that gives you desire for further studying, shows you that studying is the essential part of human being life and development and fills you with joy and active spirit.
  • Doing sport. The conditions I lived in were perfect for jogging and other activities.

I will remember these two weeks with warmth in my heart, for they gave me incredibly a lot of everything and Bulgaria is the country I want to return to.

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The spirit of Tryavna

Dobrin Stanev
Undergraduate Student, EU Studies
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohrisdki”, Sofia, Bulgaria

I miss how we played volley at night
in a circle outside our hotel
I miss how I slept 5 hours a day
and 9 hours granted to study.
After the study followed the party.
It lasted 2 weeks,
it lasted a second.

I miss how Schaffner
played the guitar
late in the evening.
Late in the night
Ron also played
as we all sang.

I miss the bonfire
bona fide friends
and the professors I miss.

I miss having breakfast at 8,
drinking that terrible water,
and all of the chairs
in the white lobby
where all of us met.

I miss Kramer’s late night tasks -
how we prepared together.
and after the tedious foreign affairs
we went downtown to dance.

I miss doing business
together with those
fearsome people
that came from the lake.
But know that the famous
strategy says:

Getting to yes.
instead of never.

I miss economics in Fender’s class
and that British Comodore’s stories,
whose class I regret I couldn’t attend.

I wish that I had.
I yearn evermore.
Alas that was all.

I miss the battle with Sofie
and afterwards saying I’m sorry
I wish I had
a picture of her.
beside the image of memory.

I wish
I miss the debate
the heat of the trial at court,
and I will appeal
the verdict next year.
just to see you again.

I miss the dancing
and farewell dinner
my room mate also I miss.
Even the place called “Red Typhoon”
and the red football club I miss.

I miss Julia’s hair, Amanda’s Bulgarian
I miss Rone and Nevena
and that reporter carrying a mic
threatening people around her.

I miss Ambreen and Jawad and Diego
and all of the Russians plus Sasha
and all of the girls that lived nearby us
and all of the rest I failed to mention.

I miss them!
Fifteen nations:
a hundred friends of the world
who have decided
who have assembled
in a Bulgarian town
there on top of the mountain
there we came as one.

The singing tower
in the middle of Tryavna
sang every night
exactly at ten
the very same song
with following name:


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