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FISI 2003 Program

Course 1: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Lecturer: Prof. George Siedel, University of Michigan Business School, USA

Course 2: The Future of The European Union
Lecturers: Prof. Jo Carby-Hall, University of Hull and Diane Ryland, University of Lincoln, UK

Course 3: International Security and Regional Cooperation in the Balkans
Lecturer: Dr. Kostadin Grozev, Sofia University, Bulgaria

Course 4: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Age of Globalization
Lecturer: Prof. Mark Kramer, University of Harvard, USA

Course 5: Social Psychological Issues for Public Policy
Lecturer: Prof. Elka Todorova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Course 6: Leadership in the 21st Century
Lecturer: Dr. Timothy Ilg, University of Dayton, USA

Course 7: Computer Mediated Communication in International and Intercultural Contexts
Lecturer: Dr. Noemi Marin, Florida Atlantic University, USA

Course 8: Cultural Traditions in Bulgaria
Lecturer: Dr. Tsvete Lazova and Dr. Magdalena Elchinova, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria

Course 9: Bulgarian Language Instruction
Lecturer: Dr. Mira Kovacheva, Sofia University and Dr. Chtiliana Rousseva, Technical University, Bulgaria

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