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Fulbright International Summer Institute (FISI)

The Fulbright International Summer Institute (FISI) is an academic and cultural program created by the Bulgarian-American Fulbright Commission in 2002.

FISI offers one-week intensive courses in a wide variety of subject areas: politics and international relations; business and economics; law, communication, education, science, social studies, art, culture and Bulgarian studies. All courses are taught in English by an international team of distinguished lecturers, most of whom are Fulbright alumni.

FISI courses are addressed to undergraduate and graduate students, junior researchers and professionals.

Along with the academic program, FISI offers a rich cultural program and opportunities for intercultural communication.

Facts about the Fulbright International Summer Institute

  • FISI started in 2002 and until 2015 it has hosted a total of 905 students from 44 countries;
  • From 2002 until 2015 FISI has hosted 113 lecturers from 49 institutions;
  • In 2010 the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission received the Fulbright Innovator Award of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State “ in recognition of outstanding innovation in designing and implementing the Fulbright International Summer Institute”.


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